I went searching for a “me” I thought I had lost…

This experience – from the moment I arrived at Enfold, to this moment now – has been amongst the most life-changing I’ve ever had.

I went in a desperate search of what was “next,” only to find gratitude for all that already was.

I went to relieve a mounting anxiety and depression that had slowly swallowed my life, only to come away with an inner knowing that I could, and was meant to smile.

I went searching for a “me” I thought I had lost, and learned that I was, and always will be, connected to myself and a greater “me.” A “me” that I had only understood in concept, but not body.

Does this mean that I have miraculously reached untouchable enlightenment? No. I still feel pain, discomfort, joy, happiness, anxiety, sadness, love, passion. I live with the daily stresses of the world, I get trapped in illusions. Only now I cannot un-see that this is the utter perfection that is the human experience, and that I am here to relax entirely into it.

I think this is an experience that could help almost every single person I know, in unique ways. And the ways it is helping me continues to unfold.