The context of a most caring and loving setting possible.

My experience at Enfold was one of the most profound experiences of my life in the context of a most caring and loving setting possible.

If I could summarize the essence of the setting at Enfold, the word “flow” readily comes to mind. The love and care that Austin & Steve have put into arranging the various elements of the retreat, so very seamlessly and naturally lead to one another that it is difficult to find a moment of artificial pause or abrupt transition. This element of flow provided the much needed soft and gentle landing after the peak experience of the full embrace of the medicine.

Surrounding all this, is a meticulous attention to detail, an exquisite sense of harmony in the setting, and much love and support exuding from everyone, including the very kind and attentive staff. I always felt cared for and looked after, without ever feeling any intrusion into my moments of deep reflection before, during or after the period of Noble Silence. I could taste the love in every bite of each delicious and nutritious meal prepared for us during our stay. And I could feel genuine compassion in every embrace I received from the loving folks at Enfold.

Lastly, I must commend Austin & Steve for their choice of music, the quality of the sound system presenting the music, and the arrangement and choice of grounding activities post-medicine. The content of the music was tailored to each journeyer and mine was an impeccable list of melodies and chants conducive to deep reflection. The quality of the sound system made the melodies so effusively available to the body and soul that one could feel riding the waves into the depths of the cosmos. And the sauna/cold-plunge, breathwork and sharing circle were absolutely essential to help ground one’s mind into the body and to facilitate the essential integration of the medicinal experience in the following days and weeks.

All in all, I would highly recommend Enfold to anyone who feels the calling to receive this powerful medicine. It is the safest, most nourishing way I have been able to experience this powerful medicine and it is an investment in myself that I have been reaping the benefits of, ever since my return from the retreat.

With much love,