Enfold — 5-MeO-DMT Retreats

Grounded Spirituality.

To us, spirituality simply means having a deep connection with our lives, our loved ones and the present moment.

Enfold offers safe and sacred retreat experiences combining entheogenic medicines, breathwork, meditation, and somatic modalities, with a grounding in Buddhist philosophy.

Beyond retreats, we are a community in service to our true nature and fullest expression. We are here to  remember who and what we truly are and walk the awakened path together.

We specialize in three areas, depending on where you’re at in your life.

1. Attachment-based rewiring

Helping to heal the core childhood wounds of emotional neglect, abuse, and abandonment through corrective and supportive nervous system interventions. How this shows up:

  • overachieving but continuously feeling empty
  • distrust, distance, and challenges in relationships
  • disconnection, loneliness, lack of belonging

2. Learning to live a rich and connected life

Exploring meaning, purpose, connecting with your true self, and what it means to live a good life. How this looks:

  • discovering and reprogramming core limiting beliefs and conditioning
  • alignment, dharma, and meaning in life
  • discovering and deepening embodiment, mindfulness, and awareness practices
  • connection with yourself, love ones, community, and nature
  • couples work

3. Awakening, non-duality, and deep spiritual exploration

Taking a deeply embodied approach to the path of awakening to explore beyond dualistic perceptions. How this looks: 

  • deep meditative and embodiment practices
  • formal coaching and mentorship around non-attachment and non-dual perspectives
  • learning to live from a place of absolute presence
Austin Austin and Steve Rio, Co-Founders of Enfold

Founded in love.

Enfold was co-founded by Steve and Austin, a husband and wife team that have been on The Path for decades. We’ve worked with various plant and animal medicines since the mid 90s and combined that work with deep spiritual enquiry, meditation, and inner exploration.

Our orientation to this work is rooted in Buddhist philosophy, a strong meditation practice, and the belief that everyone has the potential for healing and awakening if they commit themselves to The Path.

We’re in our mid-40s, and have raised a daughter (she’s 24 now) and have a number of spiritual children (of all ages) that we support and care for. We are grounded, considered, and live the life we promote.

Our Values

Our work is a calling rooted in a set of simple core values that we believe is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. 


All of life is happening in this present moment. When we let go of attachment to the past and the future we find peace.


Your body is your vessel in this life. It directly impacts your mental state and ability to sense the present moment.


When we strip away the armour, judgement, and defences we put up, all that remains is love. You and everything in this universe is formed in love.


When we take responsibility for our lives, everything changes. We step into the field of pure potentiality and find freedom.


The greatest opportunity to find fulfilment in this life is through service to others that is free from attachment and expectation.

Grounded Spirituality

True spirituality is found in our everyday lives. God is found in every interaction we have with ourselves and others.

Rooted in love.

What do we mean when we say that we’re a ministry of remembrance and love?

Let’s start with love. The foundation of our work is a deep understanding of unconditional love that has been part of Austin’s lineage for many generations. Austin learned it from her mother, who in turn learned it from Austin’s grandfather, and so on. This ability to transmit love and create sacred healing spaces for others is a gift that Austin has been cultivating her entire life. Together, Austin and Steve have built a force field of love around them that they seek to share with everyone they encounter.

When guests arrive at Enfold, they are enfolded with this sense of loving spaciousness. 5-MeO-DMT and other psychedelic medicines are a gateway to opening the heart and psyche so that we can receive unconditional love in ways we may not have at crucial moments in our lives. This opening rewires old patterns, trauma, and beliefs that get in the way of the love that exists in all of us.

We combine this foundation of love with a background in buddhist philosophy and the practice of somatic awareness through yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and meditation. We have been studying and practicing in these areas for over two decades.

Remembrance means the remembering of our true nature. The awakening to the divine spirit within each of us. This isn’t about some spiritual platitude, it’s about living every moment of our lives with presence, curiosity, and reverence.

We hope to impart a way of living life that is rooted in love, gratefulness, and grounded in the present moment. When we let go of attachment to our past or set ideas of the future, we become free to express ourselves from a place of depth and truth. We access the part of us that is still, timeless, and infinite. This is what remembrance is all about.

Ultimately we seek to remember who and what we truly are: one interconnected life, formed in love. 

The Path

There are three core elements of The Path of awakening and healing. They are interwoven and interconnected: Experiences, Integration and Community.