Breathwork is a substance-free way to shift states of consciousness

Breath is the key to life, yet it is something we commonly forget to pay attention to. Breathwork is the practice of bringing active awareness and form to our breath in order to shift our state of consciousness and connect with the present moment.

A man smiling after a powerful breathwork session at Enfold

Breathwork takes many forms

While there are many forms of breathwork to explore, the simplest way to categorize them is ‘up-regulated‘ and ‘down-regulated‘.

Up-regulated breathwork is energizing, with strong inhalations and exhalations. It’s often used to create a stimulating effect and to increase focus. Longer up-regulated sessions can get you into altered-states of consciousness, similar to psychedelics. These practices can be great before psychedelic work to help you prepare for the process of letting go and accessing these states of consciousness.

Down-regulated breathwork involves slowing the breath and is designed for calming and grounding. Down-regulated breathwork activates the parasympathetic nervous system, our “rest and relax” system. They are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety, and practicing embodiment.

Enfold has created a number of sessions to support you practice. You can find them on streaming services link Spotify or Apple Music, or browse below.

Deep Emotional Release

Breathwork can be a great place to start if you’re not ready for psychedelic substances or if you’re looking for a safe and sustainable way to integrate previous medicine work.

With longer up-regulated breathwork practices can feel similar to a psychedelic experience. With the proper support, set, and setting, breathwork sessions can elicit a powerful emotional release and help people process trauma without any substances.

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Book a guided session with Enfold

Breathwork can be an amazing place to start if you’re not yet ready for medicine work. It can also be a safe and accessible way for groups to access healing and consciousness exploration. We often work with executive teams, peer-groups (EO/YPO/Mackay/Tec), and groups of friends that are looking for new ways of self development.


Breathwork Offerings

On-Demand Breathwork

We have a large selection of breathwork sessions to choose from. Many are created by us, and others from Othership, the biggest breathwork platform in the world.