Guided Shamanic Breathwork

Enfold offers on-demand and live guided group and 1-1 breathwork sessions designed to help you enter altered states of consciousness for healing and transformation. Scroll down to find upcoming group sessions or book a private 1-1.

"Circa" Guided Breathwork Session

Circa is an on-demand 35-minute guided shamanic breathwork session. It's currently available on YouTube and will be available across all streaming music platforms in February 2021.
Do this session live with a certified breathwork facilitator to get a full integration coaching session.

Upcoming Virtual Group Sessions

Check back soon. New sessions coming in January.

Book a Private 1-1 Breathwork Session

Private sessions allow you to go far deeper into integration and meaning with a breathwork coach.
Private sessions are $120 and run ~ 90 minutes.
Have you done breathwork before?