A free flowing remark on my experience

To the both of you .. thank you from the bottom of my heart for a profound experience ..

I have learnt and felt so much …


The inclusivity and importance of this as a group experience .. I now completely understand how beneficial and recommended this is .. I loved it .. particularly with strangers .. much easier to be open . I feel it would be less freeing and perhaps constrictive to do with friends or a partner. I am grateful to have had this experience by myself.

The “ceremony” aspect .. in that its’ not just about the medicine .. the supportive spiritual and psychological experiences lending fullness, appreciation and wonder to the powers of this medicine.

The time to feel … in a natural setting that I personally feel very connected and grounded to . understanding how I have learned to fear intimacy and why; and where and who I have now ended up with in my life. This is profound.

The post support music, review and checkins help immensely to keep connecting to why I reached out to this experience and this medicine .

Getting to know you both, Steve and Austin .. I feel I can reach out with questions and concerns and that you will be there . you both are rockstars !!!

Austin, your compassion and creativity will forever be role models in my new intention of seeking and developing a more open heart in my life .


sensing how I still hold on to protect myself from intimacy …

like the third dose … not wanting to feel nausea and perhaps cheating myself of a complete experience

not doing the sauna and plunge .. I get very uncomfortable in small spaces with people I should have pressed for the experience .. but the freedom and green of a forest walk was calling !