Thank you for the love, compassion, and support.

I just wanted to take a moment and deeply thank the three of you for all the love, compassion, and support you have provided me during one of my darkest times. Thank you so much for being there for me, and giving your time, energy and care. Thank you for believing in my ability to get where I needed to go and to heal. At a time when I didn’t believe in myself, you held that vision and possibility for me. You created a sense of hope when I had none. All three of you are such special, generous and wonderful souls, and you will always have my profound gratitude. Thank you so much for the important, life changing work you have dedicated your lives to. You help create more light and love in this world.

I know life will continue to have its ups and downs and challenges…. And right now I feel so much more equipped, capable and trusting that I will be able to handle whatever comes my way. So long as I am able to be present with, and compassionately greet whatever feelings, thoughts or sensations arise in me with acceptance and open curiosity (and then provide myself with the nurturing I need) I know I can get through it. I know I will be able to touch that place of loving awareness and wisdom I reached during my ceremony. I don’t need to grasp for it, I can trust it is always there, even in times it feels distant or when I’m resisting it. This is what I had been searching for, and I look forward to seeing how this deep knowing plays out in my life.

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