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Communal is a transformative wellness day that offers expansion, healing, and connection.

Get unstuck. Remember who you truly are. Unlock emotions, traumas, and energy that are holding you back from the life you want to live. Communal is an opportunity to come together with a community of like-minded individuals on the awakening path. This is a completely unique and unparalleled experience offering a psychedelic journey that is profoundly deep, exceptionally well-held, and accessible to all – from beginners to experienced psychonauts.

Guests doing breathwork in the ceremony room

Breathwork & Sound Bath

Embark on an immersive and awe-eliciting exploration of expanded states of consciousness in a guided breathwork and resonant sound healing journey.

Those looking to go a little deeper will be invited to enhance the breathwork experience with an optional safe and gentle psychedelic medicine delivered via nasal spray.

*We do not serve 5-MeO-DMT at this event. If you have questions about the psychedelic component of the retreat, please email jen [at] enfold [dot] org.

An executive experiencing a cold plunge.

Sauna/Cold Plunge

Unwind, reset, and restore the nervous system with Hot/Cold Contrast Therapy in our wood-burning sauna and filtered cold-plunge tub in the heart of nature. The cold tub is chilled to 5° degrees for optimal physiological benefits.

Your self-guided experience gives you ample time to rest between cycles, snack, refuel, and connect with like-minded community. For those new to cold exposure and thermal therapy, a facilitated and supportive experience is also available.

Man showing emotion in sharing circle being supported by his peers

Connection & Integration

We culminate the day by coming together in circle to share, process, and integrate. Engage in intentional and mindful conversation, relate in new and profound ways and increase belonging in a safe and supportive community container.


Middle eastern dishes and fresh clementines displayed on dining table

Nourish & Refuel

Nourishment will be provided by our dear friends at Aleph Eatery, Vancouver’s top Vegan Middle Eastern Eatery. Gluten and dairy free options are available, as well as fresh fruit, organic juices, filtered water and decaffeinated teas.

Indulge in goodness and feel completely cared for from start to finish.

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Guests laying down in breathwork journey
Guests sitting in integration circle
Beautiful sound healing instruments

Frequently Asked Questions

Breathwork refers to various techniques and practices that focus on the conscious manipulation and control of one’s breath for therapeutic, spiritual, or personal development purposes. It involves specific breathing patterns and exercises designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

The benefits of breathwork can include stress & anxiety reduction, improved focus and clarity, improved digestion, increased energy levels, pain management and toxin release, enhanced relaxation and improved sleep, emotional release and a greater sense of self-love and self-awareness.

The breath and sound experience will span 85 minutes in length, with the first 50 dedicated to up-regulated, deep diaphragmatic belly-breathing to clear out stuck energy and create optimal space for expansion.

Up-regulated breathing allows us to quiet the thinking mind, take control of our nervous systems and access the subconscious. We then transition into a soothing and restorative sound bath to give you ample time to rest inside the new space you’ve cultivated.

Dive as deep or take it as easy as you’d like. You are the driver of your experience.

Take some time in the days leading up to meditate, be still or journal about present themes in your life. Is there something asking to be released? Is there something new you are calling in? Setting a clear intention before going into breathwork will help direct the experience.

Please do not show up hungover or under the influence of any substances. We reserve the right to refuse anyone access to the event upon arrival if we feel you may pose a risk to yourself or others.

Limit or eliminate caffeine leading up to the day of Communal. This will help to calm your nervous system and prepare you for the day ahead.

Yes, you can book a completely private Communal Day Retreat for your group of friends, peer group, company or executive team on a date that works for you!

We also offer the Executive Communal Day Retreat, which is an expanded version of our Communal – a transformative wellness experience tailored to executive teams, brands and peer-groups like EO, YPO, Mackay & Tec that are looking for new forms of self-development and personal growth, team-building and meaningful ways to deepen connections with their peers.

This is the future of executive wellness. A necessary and inspired response to the evolving landscape of personal/professional growth and team connection. A day that combines restoration, deep connection, and fun.

Email jen@enfold.org to learn more and book.

To help you prepare for your retreat.

– We suggest not eating after 10 am on Sunday morning to ensure the most comfortable breathwork experience.
– Communal begins at 11:30 am. Please take the 10:15 am (or earlier) ferry from Horseshoe Bay Terminal and plan to arrive at the ferry at least 30 minutes before sailing if you’re driving on or 10 minutes before if you’re walking on.
– Once we drop into the ceremony space, the digital detox will begin, and we will ask that all phones/devices are turned off and stored safely in our Detox Box for the remainder of the event.

What to bring:

– Wear comfortable clothes that you can move and breathe in
– A water bottle
– A journal, notebook and pen
– A bathing suit for the sauna and cold plunge
– Slip-on shoes to move around the property and cycle through hot/cold

Bowen Island is accessible by a non-reservable 20-minute ferry that leaves every 60-90 minutes from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. 

Plan to take the 10:15 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove, Bowen Island and plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early. The cut-off for walk-on tickets is 10 minutes before sailing (they are strict about it, so please plan accordingly to ensure you make the boat). 

*You are also welcome to take an earlier boat to Bowen Island and enjoy Snug Cove or the surrounding areas. It’s a beautiful island! But please do not arrive at Enfold early.   

Click Here for the online Ferry schedule

For those who walk onto the ferry, ride share from Snug Cove to Enfold is available. It is also a beautiful 15-20 minute walk through the woods up a mild to medium hill.

Walking directions:

  1. Stay to your left as you walk off the ferry and look for the wooden boardwalk
  2. Stay on the boardwalk through the fields and onto the gravel path that leads to the woods
  3. Take the “Dorman Point” trail that zig-zags up the hill and comes out on the end of Robinson road
  4. Take a right and follow the road through the 4-way stop and about another 5 minutes until you see the sign for our property. (We will provide the exact address a few days before Communal in email.)