Othership: Steve and Austin discuss Enfold's Breathwork Sessions

Steve Rio and Austin Austin talk about how breathwork and couples work fit into their practice.

Austin Austin and Steve Rio, Co-Founders of Enfold

We had the pleasure of getting to know Breathwork Facilitators Steve Rio + Austin Austin.

Tell me a little bit about your breathwork journey and what led you to breathwork specifically.

Well, breathwork came as part of looking for ways to help people experience state change that wasn’t necessarily substance-related. We were already doing psychedelic work with people, but part of our vision for our work is helping people recognize that they can reach these different states of consciousness without substances, and so breathwork emerged as this really powerful means of achieving this goal, so we use it in a couple of ways.

To begin with, it’s an excellent entry point for individuals seeking to experience altered states prior to engaging in more potent psychedelic work. It also plays a crucial role in integration work, helping people make sense of, process and reconnect with the profound insights gained from deeper psychedelic journeys. It’s become a valuable and really sustainable tool.

Plus we’re both musicians. Austin and I have always shared a love of making music and creating together. Breathwork has provided us with a new creative outlet to collaborate on. It has been a really fulfilling journey for us too.

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