Seeing life through different eyes

My experience with Enfold was the most profound of my life.  The experience helped me see the world in a different way and let me experience something very spiritual.  I have been struggling for a while with not loving myself, which was impacting my behaviour in a negative way and degrading my quality of life.

During my first round I found myself leaving my body and reemerging inside my daughter, seeing the world through her young eyes and feeling the love she had for me. I knew what it felt like to love someone but didn’t know how it felt to feel loved, the medicine and the experience showed me how to love myself.

Since my retreat I have felt a monumental change in my thoughts, all for the positive. It’s now 12 months since the retreat and I have lost all desire to consume alcohol and nicotine after decades of regular use. My relationship to alcohol has always been challenging for me and I had been trying to quit tobacco for years. I arrived with a nicotine patch on my arm, and took it off the day after the ceremony. I haven’t thought about it once since.

I feel more connected to the universe and everyone and everything in it. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life.