Sacred truths

My experience at Enfold was life-changing, profound, and formative. I am so grateful that my first experience was with world-class facilitators – from the prep work to the ceremony itself, to the integration both during the retreat and after, an incredibly safe and supportive space was created. No detail is left unattended and the facilitators truly act in service of you and your journey. Also the food is amazing- remove learning sacred truths about yourself and the universe and I would still attend for a chance to taste the world’s BEST banana bread!

The journey itself is difficult to comprehend, let alone describe. Simply put, I experienced an intense process of letting go and a very tangible release, a glimpse at what life is like without being wrapped up in your identity and the patterning we all carry with us. I have felt a marked reduction in anxiety since the experience as well as greater clarity around what is important and how I want to show up in this world.

I look forward to continuing my journey to let go, surrender and live a deeper life and am excited to return to Enfold again when the time is right.

A big thank you to everyone. You guys are making a big impact in the world and I am privileged to have been included in that!