Transformative and beyond words

It seems impossible to sum up the experience at Enfold using words alone but I’ll try my best.

For me, the journey began in earnest as soon as we met Steve and Austin on a virtual zoom call almost 2 months before our visit. They were so generous with their time and experience and offered space for us to ask as many questions as we could muster, while also enquiring about our expectations and being genuinely dedicated to ensuring we were emotionally, mentally and physically prepared for the journey. There were zero sales tactics or pressure, just honest kindness that confirmed this work as a deep calling for them. I had concerns about tapering off SSRIs that I’ve taken for anxiety the past few years, but their support, flexibility and patience as I navigated that process was incredible. They checked in regularly and ensured I had the support and resources to manage that process in a timely way, while also making sure I knew there was no pressure to rush anything I was not comfortable with. Getting off the SSRIs in this way was such a sweet and positive “bonus” to the entire experience.

As for the official journey, we arrived on a Thursday morning and were met by Steve and Austin (and their two soulful dogs!), with an open-hearted and generous welcome into their home and their property. The physical location was exactly how I imagined it and matched their spirit of openness, nourishment and beauty. We hadn’t met in person but being with them felt immediately familiar and easy and any vague anxieties I had carried with me about the experience quickly dissolved in their presence. Like our previous virtual meetings, they took time to sit and connect with us: talking about what to expect, answering any questions we had, and checking in with us without any sense of judgement or urgency.

The experience itself was nothing short of transformative and beyond words. I won’t do it a disservice by trying to recount the journey (it transcends written language) but I will say that Austin and Steve are clearly destined to be guides. I had the privilege of not only experiencing their support, guidance, tenderness and patience but also of witnessing it while my friend took the medicine. They work together so perfectly, like they’re speaking a silent language to each other while so clearly reading the needs and energy of the person they are guiding. Each has a distinct and essential role in the journey and I was so grateful to them both for providing their gifts so generously and authentically.

I had never imagined that the “in between” time on the farm with Steve and Austin, including beautiful meals, a swim in the ocean and an intensely moving Breathwork session, would be as impactful as the medicinal journey itself, but it undoubtedly was. Being fed the most nourishing and beautiful food and held in such care and support for a full 24+ hours (plus of course the integrative meetings before and after the visit itself) , was truly life-changing and such an integral part of the journey. I wandered into the experience as a grief-stricken, anxious and curious explorer, and emerged full of love, peace and certainty. I would wholeheartedly recommend the experience to anyone ready to let go – in every sense of the word – and accept the guidance of the medicine and loving support of these two incredible humans.