Enfold — 5-MeO-DMT Retreats

Finding unconditional love.

My name is Pepe Barajas, I am 42 years old, and since a very young age I became an overachiever. I spent most of my life looking for external validation. I (only) identified myself with who I was as a businessperson, and my value as a person was attached to material achievements as opposed to my quality as a human being.

In the last seven years I have been dedicated to increase my consciousness, to show up in a mindful way in the world. I read books, I meditate, I take therapy, I go to retreats, I listen to podcasts, you name it… I do all these spiritual and mindful practices consistently, and I have made terrific progress, however, there was still a critical piece missing. I still could not find an emotional connection with my parents, and I just couldn’t figure out why…

While I was struggling trying to find connection with my parents (for a long time), Enfold came across my path, and when Steve sent me the information about the journey, it just felt right. I was very excited about the journey, and thought it was going to be helpful in my process, but I never imagined how powerful the journey was going to be, and all the benefits that it was going to bring.

The journey gave me a window into my emotions, it allowed me to see with clarity where my emotional blockages were, and why. It opened a door to my subconscious, where past negative emotions had lived for way too long. This encounter was needed to confront those emotions, to process them and to be at peace with them. The journey exposed these emotions and allowed me to see them with clarity; I could touch them, and realized how much pain was stored in my body…

The journey allowed me to release the negative energy that was preventing me from experiencing ‘Unconditional Love’ with my parents (and others). These past emotions were the ‘Puppet Master’ (the Ego), and the journey empower me to cut off the strings from the Ego, to let go of past trauma, to let go of my fears, to let go of judgement, to let go of Ego itself…

The journey allowed me to shed parts of me that I no longer needed or wanted. The journey was an experience of photosynthesis, it was literally like being reborn again. Something in me was dying and it was painful, however, sometimes one has to die a little inside in order to be reborn again. Often, it’s the deepest pain which empowers us to grow into our highest self. The journey gave me an opportunity to start with a clean slate. After the negative energy and emotions were released, I felt light, and I felt liberated. I saw that the book was not over, that it still had many blank pages, and that it was up to me what story I wanted the book to tell about the relationship with my parents and I. A story of ‘Unconditional Love’, or a story that is told too often about not being close to each other.

Through the journey, I got to experience Unconditional Love, I realized that as corny as it sounds, WE ARE LOVE… The journey allowed me to dissolve the masks that I had been wearing for many years, the journey allowed me to be in contact with myself, to let my true essence emerged to the surface to shine.

The journey unblocked emotions that would have needed years of therapy to resolve. I am grateful for this spiritual experience that gave me the gift to connect profoundly with the people that I love. No more masks, no more armor, no more fear to be loved…

I also want to mention that an important part of my journey was feeling safe and nurtured. I was blown away by the high level of care from Austin, Steve, and Yasmeen. I just could not believe how much love I received from them. The love that they give away so that people can heal from trauma is just beyond my understanding… Their love and care allowed me to completely surrender to the experience. I felt I was with family… They were so attentive and loving that it was like being at the Four Seasons in the Presidential Suite! I consider myself a loving, caring, and generous person, but they are at a completely different level. Thank you for making me feel loved and safe.

With Love,


P.S. The food alone is worth the journey! Lol!