Feeling reborn.

I am going to start by saying Enfold is the best all-inclusive vacation you could ever invest in yourself. It’s better than the 4 seasons or any 5 diamond resort.

I am a 39-year-old woman. I’m a hairstylist, owner/ operator of a hair salon. I have battled with mental health issues for as long as I remember. I have struggled with multiple addictions and the severity of my mental health issues has unfortunately led me to attempt taking my own life twice and thinking about doing it countless times from as early on as 14 years old. One month going into the retreat I suffered a loss that I honestly didn’t think I would ever be at peace with. I was depressed, heartbroken and in total despair. I thought I would never feel joy or hope again. The week leading up to the retreat I was worried that I wouldn’t be in a strong enough state to attend. That I was too crazy and they wouldn’t want me. I was put at ease by a conversation with Steve and Austin and a warm and comforting email exchange with Yasmeen that this couldn’t have come at a better time. I had fretted about my inconvenient food allergies and intolerances among, well, pretty much anything else you can think of fretting about. They were so warm, comforting, understanding and informative about the upcoming retreat. This set the tone for the upcoming weekend.

I couldn’t ever have predicted how amazing they all were. I will forever have gratitude for the Enfold team. They are beautiful souls who emit angelic-like energy. Steve, Austin and Yasmeen have a way about them that makes you feel like you’re cocooned in unconditional love and warmth. Every detail was thought of to make us feel like we were nourished and looked after at every level. I must admit I was a bit worried about the group setting of the retreat. I’m an introvert and not used to being around people all of the time. Well, for those of you who share this concern please be brave and trust that the people in your group will enhance your experience. [… shortened for brevity …]

The experience at Enfold left me feeling reborn. I was rid of the trauma, the excess weight from emotional baggage. I was left with a feeling of pure love, joy, of hopefulness, of a renewed sense of enthusiasm and optimism that I don’t recall ever having. I felt like I was looking at the world through rejuvenated senses. The three days I spent at Enfold exceeded my expectations in every sense of the word. I was thrown into a very challenging situation the day after arriving home. I think I faced it with far more confidence and ease than I would have prior to my experience. I have been able to revisit the pure joyfulness and unconditional love I experienced during my journey and throughout my stay at Enfold. It’s so powerful to have that feeling to go back to. I have been able to look at the loss I had suffered in a new and positive way. I just feel like my outlook has shifted to allow me to enjoy more of my life, to be curious about my feelings but also know that sometimes the stories we tell ourselves aren’t actually true. I question some of the unhelpful thoughts while I journal and it helps me to get through. I am by no means perfect, but after my experience at Enfold, I am left with far more confidence to go after the life I want. I truly wish everyone could experience this. It’s impossible to articulate the profound impact it’s had on my life. I will continue to practice what was recommended – reading material, meditation, breathwork, and trust the process. I will forever hold in my heart the love, the bliss, the joy, and the connection I felt whilst at Enfold. I look forward to being able to visit next time. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone who is interested in opening your mind up to a more beautiful perception, to consider attending a retreat at Enfold. It was literally the best weekend of my life. It is much more than 3 days. It’s the building blocks to creating your dream life by changing your outlook on what is around you.

Best wishes, and with immense gratitude,