Connecting more deeply with people

First of all, I want to thank you for your hospitality, love and support. The time I spent at the retreat was filled with love and you were at the core of it. I’m sorry I didn’t express how grateful I was for the experience and for the love & support I received from you during my journey.

Thanking people & showing appreciation was something I struggled with throughout my life and that was probably what was holding me back from connecting more deeply with people. But in the last 10 days since the retreat, it’s like something cracked me open & I’m able to be more open and vulnerable with others and share authentically. This has been shining through in many areas of my life, for instance my professional career! I had started applying for jobs a little before I came for the retreat and since the retreat, I have received 3 separate job offers, each exceedingly better than the previous. And I felt a sense of calm saying no to the ones I didn’t want because I was confident that something better would come along. I have never had so much confidence in myself before.

Sorry for the long message, but I wanted to share all that with you so you know how much of an impact the psychedelic journey has had on me. I’m deeply grateful for the space Steve & you held for me during my journey. It was truly life changing for me in so many ways.