As Immense As It Was Beautiful

My time with Enfold was transformative. I came into the retreat with curiosity and nervousness, but nothing could prepare me for the healing journey I would undertake with these powerful facilitators.

The meticulously developed preparation, integration, and meditation surrounding the journey helped shape my focus to optimally accept the teachings of the ceremony itself. I carry some skepticism about facilitators from past experiences, and Enfold gently eased me into a state of calm. They inspire deep trust with unique insight, and I felt safe at all times. Enfold showed me the door, but I had to walk through.

When it came time for my ceremony, I was fearful of a full release beyond what I had experienced with other medicines and meditation. The facilitators were there for me, I took a leap of faith, and I was rewarded by the purest feeling of universal harmony.

To describe the journey in words would be an injustice, but it is an experience none should fear. As immersive as it was beautiful. I believe I have experienced a rare and noble truth.

To count myself among the community of journeyers who have accessed this particular medicine is a rarified understanding, and I would recommend Enfold and this ceremony to anyone curious. I cannot express how lucky I feel to have taken this journey during a tenuous time in the human experience.

This blessing was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and one that I will hold in a sacred place in my heart forever. For me, it was transformative in a way akin to asking my wife to marry me. A before me, and an after me.

In the time following the retreat, I experienced a new kind of willed evolution of self. The feeling of fresh tracks on a deep powder slope. A chance to recarve pathways and habits. I reflected on my intentions coming into the experience and felt an observable release from mundane frustrations I had been perseverating over for the months prior. I believe that Enfold substantially empowered me to overcome fear, let go of anxiety, and embrace myself with self-love.

I look forward to my continued journey, and can’t wait to return when the time is right.