A taste of surrender

Although I’ve done talk therapy for years I’ve felt that I haven’t been able to go as deep as I’d like.  My understanding of this experience was that it would allow trauma held in the body to be released and possibly get me in touch with events from my childhood that I may have blocked.

I knew that I wanted to do this in a very safe environment with some ceremony and experienced guides.  Steve and Austin came highly recommended so it was an easy decision.  The intake process was good and stirred up some memories and feelings. I didn’t journal as much as I had wanted to but even a little was useful in terms of figuring out my intention for this journey – which was to have more faith and give up the need to control everything.

The location was magnificent and the interior environment was soothing and comfortable.  Steve and Austin are beautiful caring people who ensured we had everything we needed or wanted.  The food was so delicious!  I really appreciated their process of getting us comfortable through various activities before the actual journey.  My journey was amazing though difficult at times.  Fortunately I felt like I was in good hands. It’s difficult to articulate what I took away from this experience, but I feel even more connected to my wife and generally to others. I feel more empathetic and loving.

The journey required me to surrender and I feel like I got a taste for it but there is still more work to be done there. Overall the experience was well worth it and I’m looking forward to continuing to integrate it.