A sacred place.

I’ve been to a 12-day retreat in South America that was 3x the price of this, and it didn’t come anywhere close to the amount of value, healing, and wisdom I got from my 2.5 days at Enfold. This is something different and so much better.

The journeys are private – just you and the healers. This means you get 2 on 1 attention and care, specific to what you are going through. It also means you aren’t taking in the energy of a bunch of other people during your journey. You feel so loved and cared for, where at other ceremonies I have felt alone and afraid.

In terms of the medicine – the experience is short and to the point. Less visuals, more true healing and oneness. The set and setting literally make it feel like heaven. They scale up the medicine gently so you become familiar with it before getting a full dose. The whole experience feels modern and calculated.

The property is now a sacred place for me, it’s like a totem of the wisdom I learned there. Same for Steve and Austin. I have so much respect for what they are doing – they have infinite wisdom flowing through them and you can feel that. They gave me unconditional love and helped heal things about my subconscious I didn’t even know were in there. The music, food, conversations, and loving awesome vibe all set a new standard for me. When it’s over you will have the sensation of wanting to pay more for what you just experienced. I will be back to remind myself.

Thank you so much Austin and Steve!!