A place of inner truth.

My experience at Enfold was what I would describe as a remembering, of who I am under all the layers of armor, titles and expectations. My intention going into the retreat was to understand what self-acceptance truly felt like. For as long as I can remember, I have lived life through the lens of what I should be doing rather than what I truly want to be doing. Whether pursuing a career that lacks inner fulfillment because it felt acceptable by standards of society and family, or staying in a relationship past an expiration to avoid hurting a partner. I have historically defaulted to pleasing others and boundary-less self-sacrifice.

Through self-work prior to the retreat, I had developed a layer of self-awareness to these patterns. However, the experience at Enfold allowed me to feel this awareness from an entirely new perspective. It allowed me to grieve and come to terms with root causes of patterns and to find a level of uninterrupted self-acceptance that up until this point I had never experienced in my life.

Coming out of the retreat this level of awareness has made it nearly impossible to default to historical negative patterns without a deep sense of misalignment. From this space has come a desire to choose self-awareness and write the next stages of my life chosen from a place of inner truth. For me this experience allowed me to find a safe home within my body and mind which feels like the first step for me to live a life of authenticity.