Without edges, just space and room to grow.

My experience with Enfold, Steve, Austin and the ceremony itself has been truly indescribable in what it has meant to me. The work profound, wild, magical, wondrous, unearthing and deeply healing. Facilitated and guided so beautifully and with such care, warmth, safety, intelligence and honest love by Austin and Steve and their team.

I am very new to psychedelics as a form of healing so was a bit of a nervous novice at first, but having now come out the other side, there is no other way I could ever imagine beginning my journey. This is healing and self wisdom at a world class level and for this, I will be forever grateful.

The entirely of the experience of the three days was soft, detailed and expansive… without edges, just space and room to grow. To allow us, the guests, to drop further into who and what we truly are. Their home and natural setting beyond stunning and cosy in its lush comfort. The access to nature helping to enrich the magic from within. The food…oh my goodness, the food…Austin’s creations and the work and love that went into each dish- soul nourishing with the depth of flavour and deliciousness of a Michelin starred restaurant.