I was able to see what really mattered.

I’m a distinguished combat veteran of 3 deployments in the Middle East, and I was a victim of my mind, I lived in constant fear of my thoughts, and spent so many years, so angry. Somehow I found Enfold and boy am I happy I did.

I spent the week leading up struggling with wanting to cancel the whole experience. Luckily I found the confidence to face my mind. The compound was gorgeous, the food, incredible. The energy. Positive. I was able to see the light.

This treatment saved my life, if I didn’t work out here I wasn’t long for this world and I was going to disappear, luckily that’s all bullshit. I am the only one who has been holding me back. My own mind was my greatest enemy not my trauma. I was so blessed to have this experience to open my mind and see what is real. Bad thoughts don’t make you a bad person.

After breaking down my consciousness and seeing god, I received a message to share this experience with others, there is no reason to let yourself be in pain or in anger any longer. With this treatment I was able to learn the tools to diffuse my dangerous mind and realize that none of what I thought mattered, actually mattered, I was able to see what really mattered.

All this time I’ve been a good person to compensate for my bad thoughts but now, I see that those thoughts don’t make me evil, because they aren’t even mine, my real thoughts are the ones arguing with the bad ones. I used to think it was me vs the world but now I realize that it’s me vs me. I went through life believing in the devil but not in god. How ridiculous is that. Thanks to the treatment I was able to see both sides and finally able to choose who I wanna be. I’ve stopped multiple terror attacks and I can confidently say that this experience was the most important thing I’ve ever done in my life.