15 years of healing in 3 days.

Participating in an Enfold Retreat is one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve had to date.

Before attending, I was very skeptical and nervous, I had only dabbled in pot & mushrooms a couple times, so this was going way out of my comfort zone. I’m a fairly type A individual, who in the past had tendencies to need to control every situation, be very composed, and never let go. I had been holding onto a lot of trauma from the past 15 years of life since my dad passed away. I had seen countless psychologists, councillors, coaches, psychiatrists, attended group therapy sessions, and even dabbled with some Ativan for a bit but I wasn’t moving the needle, the pain I felt was still very deep.

I decided at this point that I was wasting so much energy and time on my pain and was ready to heal, so I signed up to attend an Enfold Retreat. This experience had a profound impact on my life and also how I view the death of my father.

Steve and Austin’s care and guidance is something I’ve never experienced before, you immediately feel like you are at home when you are with them. The one-on-one attention and space they create allowed me to truly step into the experience and let go. I was able to talk to my dad after 15 years and realize that he was okay. In speaking to my partner last night, we were reviewing our year, he asked what my biggest learning of 2020 was, and I said almost instantly that it was my journey at Enfold; learning to let go and that my dad forgives me.

Knowing this has allowed me to release so much of the stress and pain I’ve been holding in my body for all these years. I could not recommend Enfold enough.