Pay it forward

Give the gift of healing.

We offer scholarships to folks who are in need of healing but don’t have the financial means to access our work. We typically offer these scholarships to underserved communities, and often to single parents, or folks who have had a challenging go economically as of late.

Austin supporting a guest during a 5-MeO-DMT ceremony

The Details

  • We only offer donations to people who are in serious need of healing and can’t afford the cost.
  • You can specify if you’d like your donation to go towards supporting specific folks or leave it open
  • We typically offer a discount rather than full compensation so folks feel like they have made an investment in their own healing (even if it’s a token amount)
  • When we allocate your donation (to one or more people), we ask that they write an anonymous note to you to share a bit about their experience so you can feel connected to your impact
  • Donations are not tax-deductible, but 100% of funds go towards scholarships
  • We typically match your donation with a discount on our end



Price: $500$10,000 USD