Enfold Meditation Psychedelic Retreat

Sacred Space Prayer

Before we begin our ceremonies, we open the space with this prayer. If it moves you, feel free to use it for your own ceremonies, with attribution to Enfold Institute.

With open hearts, we create this sacred space.

We hold one another and trust that we are held. Let us orient ourselves to the south, west, north, and east, so we feel grounded in this space and may transcend our physical form and return safely.

With open hearts, we call in divine support.

We invoke the wisdom of our ancestors, the goodwill of our guardians, and the grace of the divine spirit within each of us. Carry us through this journey and deliver us to source and the universal consciousness. 

With open hearts, we welcome the medicine.

Reveal the healer within us, and guide us beyond this realm. Let us release the past and all that is no longer true. Let us see life for the gift it truly is and find peace within our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

With open hearts, we embody the truth.

We seek to remember who and what we truly are. One interconnected life, formed in love.