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Sherry M.

The Details:

Age range: 50-60

Sherry’s 5-MeO Ceremony Experience:

My experience was one of unearthing and opening in order to release that which was keeping me from being authentically myself.

Sherry’s 5-MeO Integration Experience:

My experience afterwards had me wanting to physically move more often than before. Found myself more connected to others, less reactive and emotional at times.

What Initially Drew Sherry to Enfold:

Wanting to feel more connected and in tune with self and less anxious.

Contacting our Enfold Angels volunteers for any reason besides support is strictly prohibited. Enfold Angels volunteers are just that, volunteers. They offer their time as peer support. They are not therapists and do not offer professional advice. If you experiencing a mental health crisis please reach out to a mental health professional or go to the nearest hospital. Enfold is not responsible for any interactions between you and community counsel volunteers.