203397182_233323478324498_2139401183753008162_n - Michael Wilson
Michael W.

The Details:

Age range: 30-40

Michael’s 5-MeO Ceremony Experience:

My experience was awe-inspiring, beautiful, eye-opening, challenging, and grounding all at the same time.

Michael’s 5-MeO Integration Experience:

I carved out a week to be by myself surrounded by nature following my ceremony. It was an incredible mental break and reset. Emotionally it was centering and grounding.

What Initially Drew Michael to Enfold:

I wanted to do a mental reset. I had developed some bad mental habits and was too addicted to technology. I used the medicine to reset this. I wrote about my experience in detail here.

Contacting our Enfold Angels volunteers for any reason besides support is strictly prohibited. Enfold Angels volunteers are just that, volunteers. They offer their time as peer support. They are not therapists and do not offer professional advice. If you experiencing a mental health crisis please reach out to a mental health professional or go to the nearest hospital. Enfold is not responsible for any interactions between you and community counsel volunteers.