E21A7106 - May Globus
May G.

The Details:

Age range: 40-50

May’s 5-MeO Ceremony Experience:

My experience was beautiful and releasing, bathed in feelings of divine feminine and maternal love. I felt close to source, like I became part of source, and emerged lighter and felt more of who I am with boundless joy, connection to all things, and gratitude.

May’s 5-MeO Integration Experience:

For a month following my 5-MeO experience, all things in my world felt beautiful—things just flowed, and I could feel the interconnectedness between everything. In the months following that, the integration journey truly began for about eight months (and still continues, though less intense)—it was eye-opening (made me face shadow aspects of myself), emotional, and deeply healing.

What Initially Drew May to Enfold:

I felt to the call to do my first medicine ceremony and asked the universe to let it come to me naturally, which it did through a friend sharing her experience. After a few other synchronicities the one can’t even make up, I knew this was the medicine that would support me in breaking through a few longstanding internal barriers.

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