A world-class home for transformation and healing.

This presentation is our opportunity to share our vision for the next phase for Enfold. Our aim is to speak plainly and from the heart in order to find alignment beyond the numbers (yet underpinned by the financial stability of the project). The heart speaks in simple terms and this is a project formed in love. We believe context is critical when exploring new partnerships and hope you’ll take the time to read through this document in it’s entirety. 

We hope that you’ll join us on our mission of healing and transformation.

With love,
Steve & Austin


Where it all began

The notion of offering psychedelic healing manifested the first night we stepped onto our property on Bowen Island. We both had a long personal history with psychedelics, as well as healing, coaching, and therapy, but hosting transformational experiences was not part of the plan when we bought the property. Somehow the land spoke through us and it immediately resonated.

We saw the cultural wave that was coming. Psychedelics were just beginning to come into the mainstream zeitgeist and people were in need of healing, transformation, and personal growth. 

From that day on, the work began to reconfigure the buildings and landscape on our property to prepare. We completed all the design work, sourcing of materials, and construction with our own hands. 

Since then, we’ve been practicing an emergent strategy*, staying close to our intention and serving our highest purpose, while allowing the experience we gained along the way to shape our next steps. Over the past 4+ years we’ve hosted hundreds of retreats and ceremonies. We’ve built a world-class protocol focused around 5-MeO-DMT (amongst other medicines), breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and somatic therapy. We continue to learn from each experience and refine our processes, content, and approach.

Our mission is to offer top-tier psychedelic experiences that offer the best service, safety, and quality of care available anywhere in the world. Ultimately, we transform our home into a  container that helps people feel welcome and safe enough to truly surrender into this process and heal deeply.  We create beautiful experiences that inspire awe and create lasting transformation. We hope that the level of intentionality and mindfulness we bring to these experiences can be an example to our guests for how they approach their own lives after they leave. 

Our work is deeply personal to every person we work with. This is a spiritual calling.  

* Emergent strategy implies that an organization is learning what works in practice. An emergent strategy develops when an organization takes a series of actions that with time turn into a consistent pattern of behaviour.

Steve and Austin from EnfoldAt the heart of the Enfold experience is the presence, integrity, and depth of its co-founders and lead facilitators. Steve and Austin’s shared passion is helping people realize the richness of life through deepened awareness, presence, and gratitude. 

Their chemistry and working dynamic offer a shining example of an undefended, loving relationship. The pair provide healthy paternal and maternal archetypal energy that makes people feel loved and comforted in their presence. Steve is the communicator, shepherd, and coach. Austin is the energy healer, mother, and doula. 



Steve is a successful social impact entrepreneur, investor, philosopher, coach, and musician. He has a background in technology, brand and marketing, strategic consulting, mindfulness, and personal development.

Steve sits on the board of Grateful Living and Therapsil. He is an Advisor to Numinus, Nikean Foundation, and Holos Global and a mentor through numerous organizations such as YELL Canada and The Forum

Austin has spent two decades creating moments of love and connection through beautifully designed products and experiences. She is a designer, chef, death doula, and tea master. She is a former functional health coach supporting people navigating cancer and spent a decade as a sex and intimacy therapist. With a love for minimalism, ceremony and nurturing others, Austin brings a sense of grace and deep presence to everything she does.

Steve and Austin have been life partners since 2011. They have a daughter (24) and two doggos.

History & Current Activity

Mens retreat on the deck
Men's Retreat, post-ceremonies

We formally began running retreats in Spring of 2019 after a number of trials and experiments with friends and folks in our circle. 

Since we began, every retreat has sold out. Our demand has grown through word of mouth alone. We’ve continually increased our pricing as our reputation and expertise has grown. Capacity is limited on Bowen Island and the need for a larger space has become clear.

We continue to refine our protocols and are in development with a few new formats. In 2022 we launched Undefended Love, a couples format designed for increasing connection and intimacy. In 2023 we’ll launch our first week-long that will incorporate more somatic modalities and comprehensive integration work. 

Our community platform will launch January 2023. This will house the Preparation and Integration programs we’ve developed with collaborator Andrew Rose (Mindspace, Numinus, Fluence), along with a number of other offerings to help people along the path. This community platform will also allow us to begin offering virtual meditations, integration circles, and other community-based events. It will exist as a web platform and mobile app. 

We’re in production of a series of 30+ educational videos based on 5-MeO-DMT and psychedelics more broadly. We aim to have the first round of these videos out by January 2023. 

We’re in development of our first comprehensive facilitator training program that will focus on teaching a deeply embodied approach to medicine facilitation. Launching fall of 2023. 

We’re in talks with Nikean Centre for Psychedelics at UHN, SFU, and Columbia University about observational research studies, launching in 2023, that will be the first of their kind for 5-MeO-DMT. 

In the fall of 2021 we raised $1.2M CAD to support the development of new formats, research, and supplementary offerings. 

We’ve included additional background on our model, objectives, and core values in the Appendix

It's time to expand.

We’ve never been interested in growth for the sake of it, and have held a long term vision for this work. For the past few years, we’ve been primarily focused inwardly on our process and protocol. Regardless, without any marketing or even website for that matter, our organic demand is growing. In October and November of 2022 we added additional retreats which filled up in a matter of days. We launched our Q1 2023 dates on October 25th and sold a third of them in the first week.

In 2023, we’ll take our first significant steps forward in raising brand awareness. Up until now, our growth has been largely organic through word-of-mouth. We expect to see a significant increase in demand over the next 12-18 months. We’re ready for this expansion in capacity and to increase the quality of our offering. There are a lot of components that will contribute to our growth: 

  1. We’re working on a podcast tour that will begin in Q1 of 2023. Approximately 20% of our current traffic comes from just three podcast appearances we had in 2021 and 2022. The podcasts we’re aiming for in 2023 have a wider reach and we anticipate these continuing to drive demand.  
  2. We’re featured in an upcoming documentary produced by Nikean Foundation and Ronan Levy (Co-Founder of Field Trip) that is set to be released mid-2023. The film, which features a 30-minute segment on Enfold, has been submitted to Sundance and SXSW and will then go to streaming. It’s a beautiful film and does an incredible job of presenting the work we do. We anticipate a major increase in demand when the film is released. 
  3. Shortly after the documentary hits streaming, we’ll deploy a targeted PR campaign aimed at key audiences across North America.

The universe knew we were ready for the next evolution and it delivered right on time. The Lighthouse, the property we found on Salt Spring Island that we’re about to present, is magical. It’s incredible value, well below market, and it checks all the boxes we’ve been looking for in a new space. The market is down, the seller is highly motivated. This is a unique and time-sensitive opportunity. 

"The Lighthouse" - A world-class retreat for transformation and healing.


After looking at dozens of properties across various locations in BC, we found the place we’ve been dreaming of.

The Lighthouse is an 8000 sq/ft home situated on a 6-acre ocean-front property. It’s at the end of a road, with no neighbours on three sides and offers a high degree of privacy, with the feeling of being nestled in the forest.

The property will have six bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms and an incredible 1000 sq/ft ceremony space with 18ft vaulted ceilings. There is also a 2-bedroom staff accommodations building.

The added space this property offers compared to our current home allows us to double per-retreat capacity, double the length of retreats, and increase the number of retreats we offer per-month.

A private deep-water moorage allows for private float-plane or yacht access for our guests. More on this below. 

A home for healing.

As our understanding of this work has developed, we’ve recognized that part of the medicine is welcoming people into our home. The intimacy provides a level of safety, care, and love that helps our guests cultivate a sense of home and belonging in their own heart.

While we explored more traditional hotel and retreat-style properties, we continually came back to the sense that this work had to happen in a home. The “Lighthouse” on Salt Spring Island offers a balance of size, space, and layout to provide that sense of home while creating a spacious retreat-like environment. 


"Prospect and Refuge"

The current owner spent 12 years and millions of dollars custom building every element throughout this home. The house was designed to provide shelter in the most serene, restorative and enveloping way.

The layout of the home is based on the idea that our earliest ancestors sought shelter with the best mix of “refuge and prospect”. To have the safety of a secure shelter (refuge) while maintaining a “long view” (prospect) to see potential danger.  First, living in the trees. Then as humans evolved, living in a cave overlooking a delta are two examples that illustrate this idea. Every room of the house has at least two long views while being proportioned so to never feel cavernous.

The home is acoustically designed to be quiet, peaceful, and perfect for creating a safe container for healing.

We’ve spent 10+ hours in the home and each time we’re there it becomes clearer that this property was meant for this work.

The current owner spared no expense in the design, engineering, and building of this home. Every element and material is the highest quality possible. Every wood element in the home was custom-built onsite by a team of master craftsmen. More notes from the current owner below in the pop-out if you feel like nerding out.

The house design was mainly a collaboration with Henry Yorke Mann and myself. Henry was a well known early devote of West Coast architecture. We worked together, almost daily, on the house design from 2010 until his death in 2015. As noted by Montecristo Magazine “Mann was at the forefront of an architectural style that became known as West Coast Modernism.”

An obituary article by The Globe and Mail described him this way, “Henry Yorke Mann figured among British Columbia’s pioneer organic architects”.

Another obituary article, this one on the Architectural Institute of British Columbia site, states “Through a deeply meditative and thoughtful process, he created spaces embodying a sense of presence and meaning rarely found in contemporary architecture.”

The house was designed to provide shelter in the most serene, restorative and enveloping way. It is intended to pay homage and be complementary to the beautiful and natural landscape in which it is set.

We wanted to avoid the house being a series of “boxes” with windows cut into walls, or walls entirely of glass only for drama. We worked on a very basic instinct in human nature, the idea that our earliest ancestors were always seeking shelter with the best mix of “refuge and prospect”. That is to have the safety of a secure shelter while maintaining a “long view” (prospect) to see potential danger. First, living in the trees. Then as humans evolved a cave overlooking a delta are two examples that illustrate this idea.

So, as one moves throughout the home we sought to ensure there we always 2 or more “long views”. In many cases, the siting of the house on the edge of the high bank ensures that the prospect extends to the distant islands and mountains beyond towards Mount Baker. We intended that each room stands on its own, and worked to maintain a human scale in the room sizes and proportions.

With nearly half of the walls being window or glazed doors, the repeating vertical Sapele components give a sense of protectiveness while framing the natural beauty beyond. The effect is to invite a sense of “belonging to” and “participating” in nature, while stone columns and large timbers provide a sense of groundedness and comfort within.

The wall glazing (approximately 350 pieces of exterior glazing), numerous skylights (33), and the entrance Oculus with its’ 6-foot diameter skylight (over 28′ up from the main floor) and 5 sidelites combine to give wonderful natural light, regardless of the season. This truly invites nature to be part of the experience while living in the house.

The windows in the house are all custom hand-built of solid Sapele, a very dense hardwood that is rot and insect resistance. These windows will last for many, many decades with a little maintenance. The ocean side of the house has an acoustic layer built into the glass panes. The openers have a multipoint locking system for secure closure. All the fasteners in the windows are hidden from view. They are part of a Swiss designed system that uses rare earth magnets within a barrel and spring setup. We used a rotating drive magnet held outside the workpiece which invisibly drives the screw in the center of the window woodwork. This helps creates a very simple and elegant window. Another benefit is that no maintenance is necessary and it reduces the likelihood of water intrusion into exterior woodwork.

The exterior doors have flanking custom made art glass “waterglass” sidelites that were specialty produced for the house. The tall and slender textured art glass resembles the bark of the trees framed by the windows surrounding the house.

These hand-build custom doors are 2-1/4” thick solid Sapele with german multipoint locking systems and are hinged on off-set commercial grade pivot hinges. The doors handles are oil rubbed bronze.

Oculus has geometrically place mirrors that give different views and glimpses as you move around it. These optical illusions change as one moves around the form, and change from one floor to the next.

Additional Notes:

Where possible, FSC wood was specified.

Approximately 80,000 lbs (36,000 kg) of Quartize was hand-cut and tightly fit with no visible mortar for a clean organic look.

The living room has a Rundle fireplace interior and hearth is made of soapstone and a cast in place cement mantle that weighs approximately 1500 lbs.

Kitchen cabinetry is made with Anigre paneling, as are featured walls and fireplaces.

Master bathroom and Paige bedroom bathtubs are made from finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with resin. This product’s natural insulating properties help keep bathwater warm.

All tile floors are heated. The tile covered seats in showers are also heated.

Much of the stone columns in the house interior have heating tubes placed behind the stone. The stone could be heated via a boiler in the future if one desires that. It would be a very nice touch on a cold winter day!

The building features a hidden gutter system with copper facia.

Location and access


Approximately 70% of our guests fly into Vancouver from the US and other Canadian cities to attend our retreats. Vancouver is also the entry point for folks coming from Asia, which we see as a large future potential audience. Convenience is critical in delivering a world-class experience. 

Guests will fly into Vancouver and take a chartered float plane from downtown Vancouver or YVR directly to our dock. Flight time: 25 minutes.

Salt Spring Island is a well-known tourist destination with excellent restaurants, artist studios, entertainment, farming, hiking, lakes, and the unparalleled beauty of British Columbia.  

There is also ferry service to Salt Spring from Vancouver, Victoria, and Comox. 

The Ceremony Space

Vaulted Ceiling

We can’t show you the entire ceremony space yet. However, the photo above is the 15ft x 30ft vaulted column that rises up 20ft through the centre of the space. The ceremony space itself is 30ft x 40ft. It will feature a large window wall that exposes a Japanese-style walled garden. The side windows offer peak-a-boo views through the cedars and spruce trees out over the ocean and surrounding islands.

The space can comfortably accommodate 30+ people lying down, or 80 people standing for a gathering. This ceremony space will be a beautiful venue for larger ceremonies, gatherings, weddings, and more. It is set up to work independently from activity in the house when needed. 

It will feature it’s own bathroom and kitchenette, and a purpose-built surround sound system. 

The numbers


We will create a new corp (“AssetCo”) to purchase the property. The loan will be secured by the property. Enfold (“OpCo”) will then lease the property from AssetCo at a rate that covers the principal and interest of debt on the property.

We believe we can secure the property for ~$4M CAD + Tax. We need another ~$1M for renovations and furnishing. ~$5.1M CAD total.






$5,120,000 CAD ($3,750,300 USD)

Starting Capital

Steve & Austin 




$750,000 CAD

Capital Requirement & Terms

We’re seeking $4.35M CAD ($3.2m USD) in social venture debt, offering 3.5% PA interest on a 15 year term.

We need 6 months grace period followed by a six month period of interest only. We will start paying the principal + interest on a quarterly basis in year two. 

Supporting documents

With the loan to AssetCo secured by the property, the most important question is can the OpCo safely afford to cover the loan payments and associated costs of maintaining the property? 

Summary — Enfold currently has $900K in cash and receivables. We’ll invest $250K into the AssetCo, leaving $650K in free cash flow. We have forecasted a loss of ~$300K over 2023-2024 before becoming profitable in 2025. These numbers include accounting for property tax, insurance, and upkeep on the property.  

To further ensure our financial security we are also offering equity in Enfold up to $500K, at a $7.5M pre-money valuation. This will allow us to enhance marketing, staffing, and provide security through the expansion phase. 

Final Thoughts

I believe we’ve established the financial feasibility of the project. However this project is about something much bigger than that. This is an opportunity to make a difference in thousands of peoples lives and positively impact an entire new movement happening in our society. This is about being part of a values-driven community and a family of people committed to spreading love, healing, and transformation. Join us 🤍 

We are open to other arrangements to achieve this vision. There are a few options we’ve considered: 

  • Borrow some of the money privately and make up the rest in a mortgage with the bank. We’d likely need a co-signer to make this happen. 
  • Have folks invest in the home with us rather or in combination to loaning us the money. Our consideration here is that everyone involved as an owner of the property are aligned in values and vision. 
  • We aren’t interested in having someone buy out the entire property and lease it to us unless there is a way to earn into the ownership over time. There are two reasons for this. (1) We will be investing $700,000 in renovations and improvements in the property. (2) As you’ll see in the financials, we (Steve and Austin) are taking a modest salary and have invested a significant portion of our life savings in this endeavour. Gaining ownership of this home over the course of the loan is our way of building a retirement fund for ourselves so we can continue this work. 


Our objectives

We have three primary objectives with our work. 

The first is to offer top-tier psychedelic experiences that offer the best service, safety, and quality of care available anywhere in the world. Ultimately, our aim is to create an environment for a safe container that helps people feel welcome and safe enough to truly surrender into this process and heal deeply.  We want to create beautiful experiences that inspire awe and create lasting transformation. We hope that the level of intentionality and mindfulness we bring to these experiences can be an example to our guests for how they approach their own lives after they leave. 

The second objective is to contribute to the thinking, approach, and ethics of psychedelic medicines as they become mainstream, with a particular focus on 5-MEO-DMT. We hope to help up-level the industry as it evolves and chart the course for the most effective and transformative treatments. For instance, we believe that psychedelics are best accessed in combination with natural surroundings, community, and supportive programming that help people achieve lasting change in their life. We want to become a shining example of excellence for practitioners, participants, and regulators worldwide. 

Part of how we will achieve this is by providing services to the culture-movers in our society. The influencers in various areas of society that move the needle of public perception. An example is Mike Tyson, who has made such a huge impact in very a short time by sharing his experiences. 

Our third objective is to make these experiences widely accessible. This may sound contradictory to the first objective. However, we have seen that when people with financial means have these experiences, they want to share them and pay it forward. We’ve started a scholarship program that offers our services at a tiny fraction of the regular cost. We hope this will extend to entire groups of people having access to this work. We are developing training and will be open-sourcing aspects of our protocols in order to ensure that more people can access safe and effective experiences. 

Steve Rio and Austin from Enfold

Core model

Our primary mission is to create elevated, safe, and sacred retreat experiences, supported by industry-leading preparation and integration care. This is what gets us out of bed every morning. We believe this can be a profitable and purposeful core business. Beyond our primary mission, we see an opportunity to create future value through our community platform, the licensing of IP, data, expertise, and technology that we develop along the way in support of our core mission.


We offer our retreats on a sliding scale to offer some flexibility and access while keeping our average price point fairly high. This allows us to offer the level of quality and experience we envision. We’re currently averaging ~ $1800-$2000 per-night / per-person for group retreats. As we continue to expand and improve our offerings we expect that average to increase.

To increase demand we will be targeting specific high-net-worth networks and activating a PR strategy to build brand equity and awareness. The scholarship program will help create access for those that can’t afford our services. 

We are also set to be featured in a new feature documentary that will dramatically increase exposure and demand. 

Our primary retreat offerings will be:

  • Custom solo and couple experiences — Active Now
  • 2-Night Group Retreats (“Awakenings”) — Active Now
  • 5-Night Group Retreats (“Attunements”) — 2023
  • 2-Night Couples Retreats (“Undefended Love”) — Active Now
  • 5-Night Couples Retreats (“Undefended Love Deep Dive”) — 2023

Platform and Community

The primary purpose of this platform will be to support people through the various phases of their psychedelic experiences.  We’ll provide guided pathways for psychedelic education, preparation, after-care, and integration. We’ll also be focused on creating virtual and real-world spaces for people to connect through chatrooms, integration circles, and other experiences. Our community platform will be offered on a monthly and annual basis, and will include free and paid tiers of access. The platform will host a wide range of content, courses, meditations, breathwork sessions, workouts, yoga classes, workshops, and community circles.

We have already developed much of the mindfulness content through our program Nature of Work, launched in 2019, and have over 100 movement classes, breathwork sessions, and meditations ready to go. We’re also well underway in developing a 28-day preparation and integration program to enfold the retreat experience. 

We will begin by making this platform open to guests of Enfold retreats and then establish a strategy to expand access to anyone seeking out support and community for their psychedelic journeys. Beyond our retreat community, we see three key audiences that will be looking for support and community around their psychedelic journeys:

  • People accessing psychedelic retreats on the grey market
  • People accessing psychedelics on their own
  • People who seek medicalized psychedelic treatment

Data, Research, and IP

We have partnerships in progress with major institutions to conduct two separate studies. Along with quantitative and qualitative data collection from guests, we collect extensive data around dosing, session process and outcomes, and other aspects with regards to our service offerings. We will have the most comprehensive data related to the administration of 5-MeO-DMT in the world. 

We believe there will be value in this data and our expertise as the clinical research around 5-MeO-DMT reaches human-level trials and as companies begin considering how to bring this molecule to market.

Our approach

The unique backgrounds, experience, and approach we bring to this work are what differentiates us.


Drawing from a diverse set of well-established scientific, therapeutic, philosophical, and spiritual disciplines to deliver measurable and results-focused offerings.

Spiritually Grounded

Ultimately we see our work as helping people reach spiritual attunement. We’re rooted in universal wisdom with a particular focus on Buddhist philosophy, avoiding rigid dogma and polarizing ideologies. Our intention is to create a sacred and clear container that embraces and enhances our guest’s own spiritual orientation. There are many words for god.

Tech Enabled

Technology and platform expertise give us an edge in every aspect of our operation. From client communications, community engagement, data collection and research, to process automation.

Process Driven

We seek to create offerings that are consistent and scalable. This is possible through an ongoing commitment to documentation, process, and optimization.

Jay melting

Themes that underpin our work


We are focused on every detail of our guest experience. Our team is oriented around a shared passion for delivering awe-inspiring experiences at every touchpoint. We believe this an essential part of creating a safe and effective container for deep transformation.

Minimal and Modern

Ceremony is the doorway through which we connect with the divine healer inside us and experience transformation. We create modern, elegant experiences that don’t appropriate cultural references and symbolism. Think high-end spa meets spiritual ceremony.

Timeless Wisdom

We seek to free people from suffering and to create a more harmonious world. We draw from a wide variety of history’s greatest teachers such as Buddha, Seneca, Martin Luther King, Ken Wilber and countless others to build frameworks for deepening one’s understanding of self and the world.

Mindfulness & Embodiment

Mindfulness helps us stay grounded in the present moment, where we access our full capacity  to make change in our lives. Our body is the gateway to the collective wisdom of all life on earth.


Lasting spiritual awakening  is possible when we build resilience through daily habits, ritual, and routines. We support on sleep, breath, meditation, technology hygiene, work habits, nutrition, and more.

Meaning & Community

Working to solve the “Meaning Crisis” and help people connect with themselves, their purpose, community, and the planet.