A group of people integrating a psychedelic experience.

We're hiring a Virtual EA & Administrative Coordinator

Enfold offers a groundbreaking psycho-spiritual model for healing and personal growth. We offer a powerful combination of psychedelic intensives, coaching, and community support to help individuals heal trauma, expand consciousness, and reach their full potential.

We are in the business of supporting people through some of the most profound experiences of their lives. This work is about being in service to the highest version of every individual we support and the greater good of society. This role is a critical part of our mission and is perfect for someone who is passionate about helping others, growing as an individual, and being in service.

We are seeking someone to support us in this work by becoming an integral part of our operation in a role that requires compassion, intelligence, and strong organizational skills.

The perfect person for this role has a combination of these traits and passions:

  • Your core strengths are organization, consistency, and efficiency.
  • You match your efficient and organized nature with a compassionate and people-oriented personality that considers the sensitivity of communications.
  • You’re an excellent communicator, both verbally and written. You consider the needs of all parties involved and love to find win-win solutions.
  • You are comfortable with technology services, web-based softwares, and content management tools (see list below). What you don’t know, you’re comfortable looking up online and learning independently.
  • You’re intrinsically motivated and don’t require a lot of micro-management or external motivation to work hard and stay focused.
  • You have a growth mindset and are constantly looking to better yourself personally, spiritually, and professionally. You’re comfortable in an environment that centers on personal and spiritual growth (non-religious, non-dogmatic, we welcome all spiritual and religious orientations).
  • You have a passion for being in service and helping others.

We are seeking a highly organized and proactive individual to join our team as a Virtual Executive Assistant & Operations Coordinator. In this role, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring our team and organization runs smoothly and have the support they need to excel in delivering world-class care to our guests and community.

You will be responsible for managing various tasks ranging from client liaisons, AR/AP, document creation, and executive assistant duties such as email, bookings, and general administration. You’ll be involved in many aspects of our business and lives and help ensure our operations run seamlessly.

We’re a very small team. You’ll work directly with both Co-Founders, primarily with our CEO. You’ll have access to the communications, decisions, and processes that the CEO is responsible for. This offers lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our CEO is a highly sought after spiritual and professional coach and loves to mentor and support the team.

Our personal and work lives are deeply intertwined given that we work from our home property. This means that a lot of what you are responsible for is supporting us, the Co-Founders, on aspects of property management, personal needs, etc.

We’re looking for someone with the passion, energy, and skills to help us deliver world-class healing and expansion services to people from all over the world. Is that you?

Key Responsibilities

  1. Administrative Support:
    • Manage the schedule and appointments of Co-Founders, coordinating meetings, and appointments efficiently.
    • Handle executive assistant tasks, including email management, responding to or flagging items for attention, and prioritizing tasks for Co-Founders
    • Schedule and organize community meetings, retreats, and other events, ensuring smooth execution and logistical support.
    • General administrative needs
    • Research for projects and initiatives, creating plans and outlines and helping to oversee the deliverables of projects. (AKA wrangling the Founders and others, and helping to keep us on track)
  2. Operations:
    • Oversee basic AR/AP functions (Manage invoices, payments, and billing processes, ensuring accuracy and timeliness)
    • Oversee reporting functions, such as exporting data, creating metric measurements, and managing basic P&L and Balance Sheet functions.
    • Creating SOPs and helping to optimize and systematize our operations
    • Overseeing basic HR functions, creating contracts, job descriptions, ensuring that people get paid etc
    • Support the operations of retreats with support staff booking, various logistic needs, and communications.
    • Manage Airbnb listings, handling bookings, inquiries, cleaners, and ensuring properties are well-maintained and that guests have an incredible experience.

Ultimately this is a job that encompasses a lot of moving parts of our personal and professional lives (which are basically one thing). You’ll be successful if you like thinking on your feet, keeping things organized, and being willing to jump into whatever task is necessary.


  • Proven experience in business administration, hospitality management, wellness, or related fields preferred.
  • Familiarity or similar roles in executive assistant, administration, operations, or related roles.
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with a compassionate approach.
  • Proficiency in Google Work Suite, CRM software, Asana, Chat-GPT, WordPress, and other relevant tools (and confident with learning new technologies
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision, while also collaborating effectively
  • Flexibility and adaptability to meet the changing needs of the organization and clients.

Enfold Core Values


Excellence is an act of devotion to something higher than all of us. We strive for excellence in everything we do whether anyone can see it or not.


Spirituality can be boiled down to simply being absolutely present in every aspect of our lives. Presence is a gift to yourself and everyone around you.


We take responsibility for our thoughts, beliefs, and actions.


We know that the highest expression in this life is love.


Enfold is ultimately about being In service. In service to our guests, community,  to one another, ourselves, and to love.

Join Our Team!

Salary: $60-80K depending on skills, experience, and fit. Salary is negotiable based on experience and qualifications. The upper end of this salary range would be suitable for someone who has proven leadership experience with core business operations such as AR/AP, HR, etc.

Logistics: Remote, with preference for Vancouver or Bowen Island area so that we can be together in person 1-2 days per monthThere will be cases where you’re needed at specific times but lots of flexibility for hours.

This is a 12-month salaried contract to begin with as it will be covering a maternity leave. However we’re growing and things could certainly change.

If you thrive in a dynamic environment where no two days are the same and enjoy providing exceptional service to clients, we invite you to apply for the Virtual Executive Assistant & Operations Coordinator role. You will play a significant role in our operations and contribute to the healing and wellbeing of people from all over the world.

To apply please email steve@enfold.org with your resume and/or whatever you think best represents you and your experience. Bonus points for a link to a short video (nothing fancy) that showcases your personality and communication style.

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