Am I ready?

Considerations before booking your retreat

Blonde woman laying in ceremony room with prayer hands to forehead

Are you ready for a large psychedelic experience? 

We work with a wide range of people, some with previous psychedelic experience, others with no experience at all. More important than your psychedelic experience, are the following questions to determine if you’re ready for this experience:

  • Do you have prior experience with personal/spiritual development? Have you explored your understanding of self in one of the many ways available? Coaching, therapy, reading, meditation, breathwork, and workshops are just some of the ways people explore thier inner selves. If you’re brand new to the self-discovery path, the experiences we offer are likely not a great fit. However previous psychedelic experience is not a pre-requisite to our retreats. We take a gentle, considered approach that makes this medicine accessible and safe.
  • Are you ready for transformation? It’s important to understand that this experience begins before you arrive at our retreat and continues long after you’ve left. You are diving deep into your subconscious and unconscious mind. You will emerge with a greater sense of your personal truth, and a heightened level of sensitivity and awareness. These are the gifts of this experience and can be beautiful, but can also be challenging where there is misalignment in your life. There can be a lot to work through post-retreat. The biggest factor in long-term transformation is an ongoing commitment to practices like meditation, breathwork, and reflection. These practices can happen in short spurts and don’t need to disrupt your regular life. Ultimately you get out what you put in.

Is Enfold the right experience for you? 

There are lots of different styles of facilitators and experiences out there. It’s important to find one that resonates with you. Here are a few aspects about our retreats that might help you decide if we’re a good fit for you:

  • We offer a minimalist yet sacred ceremony experience. We don’t include shamanic elements from indigenous cultures in our ceremonies or retreats. Our intention is to create a clear container that is widely accessible regardless of your faith, beliefs, and style. We don’t layer on dogmatic belief structures. Our spirituality is simple and grounded in universal wisdom and aligned with science.
  • Our work is rooted in non-religious Buddhist philosophy, combined with modern psychospiritual tools. We have coined our approach the “middle way for psychedelics”, which combines spirituality with psychology and coaching. We combine tools like Internal Family Systems, trauma-informed somatic modalities, and coaching to help our community heal and reach their full potential.
  • We do not consume any substances when serving you. This is a major consideration about what you are looking for. Many guides and practitioners believe in taking substances while serving you as a means to “connect with you”. We don’t believe this is safe, or necessary. We are deeply attuned to you during the experience and are always sober when facilitating and hosting.
  • Our experiences are elevated and curated. We specialize in creating world-class experiences that allow you to awaken and heal in comfort. Every element of every meal is made in-house from scratch. Every detail around the design of our spaces have been carefully considered. We generally have a 2-1 ratio of guests to staff in order to provide exceptional guest service. Enfold retreats are unparalleled in the level of care, quality, and service.
  • We believe 5-MeO requires the proper time, space, and process to ensure safety, and efficacy of the experience. Our Intensives are three-five nights long and include a number of other modalities to help you explore the meaning of your experience and begin the integration process before you leave our home. We offer a comprehensive preparation and integration process, multiple calls before and after, and offer on-call support for two weeks post-retreat. All of this comes at a cost and puts us in a different category of experience than most 5-MeO providers who generally host you for a few hours. We’ve heard from many people who felt like they couldn’t access the potential of this medicine in these short “drive-by five” sessions, or worse, they came away feeling dysregulated and had a challenging time reintegrating with their lives. We believe it’s important to invest when you’re seeking out the most powerful psychedelic on the planet.
  • Our experiences are intimate and focused around privacy and informed consent. Our group retreats are limited to 6 guests, and the main ceremony itself is private between you and our facilitators. We have a thorough screening and intake process to ensure all guests are prepared for this experience. We offer detailed preparation calls prior to you arriving at the retreat so you’re clear on everything that will take place. While the group container offers the gift of connection and collective healing, you’re free to share as much or little private information with the other guests as you feel comfortable with.

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